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Labor At Home
Spontaneous Labor Start
Natural Induction Methods
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
Hypnosis Birth
Natural Water Rapture
Water Birth
Free Movement
Dim Lights
Quiet/soft Voices
Food And Fluids
Resting Labor
No Time Limits
Photos To Be Taken
Limited Visitor
No Students
No Baby Monitoring
Intermittent Baby Monitoring
HEP Lock
No Pitocin
No Medications
Nitrous Oxide
No Coached Pushing
No Pain Scale
No Vaginal Exams
Hands Off
No Episiotomy
No Vacuum Or Forceps
Emergency C-section Only
Explain Procedures
Don't Announce Baby Gender
Immediate Skin-to-skin
Golden Hour
Don't Wipe Baby Vernix
Natural 3rd Stage
No Cct
Lotus Birth
Delayed Cord Clamping
Dad To Cut Cord
Save Placenta
No Bottle Or Formula
Oral Vitamin K
No Vitamin K Shots
No Hep B Shots
No Eye Ointment
No Pacifier
No Bath For Baby
No Circumsition
Delayed Baby Exams

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